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Full text of "Correspondence : Speer, Elliott and a memorial to him. 1947. - Family letters (1911-1935)"

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J uau <ry ?8, 
(Met. Jan. 


26 ) 

Mi.i& H&ebal S. Abbot, 

555 Grand Avenue, 

St. Paul, Minnesota, 

My dear Miss Abbott 

■is all appreciated very much your letter of sympathy at the time of Elliott* s 
death with its recollection of your happy associations with him in the ?ork at 
Bethlehem Chapel. I am sending you herewith under separate cover a copy of the 
report of the memorial service held at Mount Hermon last November. I am working now 
on a fuller memorial especially for his children and his friends, and I am trying to 
get some fuller mat-.rial with regard to his Bethlehem Chapel days* Do you not have 
some recollections of anecdotes or experiences that you could write out that yould help 
in drawing the picture of those two years? I have less on that part than on any 
other period of Ms life, partly because on© of those two yours he lived Mth us in 
Englewood and the other here in the city so that we were seeing one another all the 
time and there were almost no letters. Anything th t you can writ© out in the way of 
remembrance of ulm and of Ms work, character and spirit will be deeply appreciated. 

Very faithfully yours. 


January 14, 

Rev. Lee v:. Beattie,!).I-'., 
452 Third Avenue, 

He v fork City. 

% dour Dr. Beattie, 



I u:a preparing a little memo rial ol lliott her hio children 
and intimate friends and have very rail rut .ri ; -J- cor ev r y period of 
hi3 life except the two years in Bethleh-.xa Char:el. 1 r .member year 

warm-hearted letter at the tire of air death in /.ten you r l.r to air 
work in the chapel and a;: -onasring whetmr you hare any reminiscences 
or recoil actions of specific ineioantc and experiences or activities 
which vvoulo help to complete mu brighter the record of taose two 
years- ISam- 24. Ar - there any of the people of the c.xapel who knew 
flllott well and who may fee living oti_ 1 iron whom 1 could get information? 

And can you. tell is anything about the Si,rr c/.ep out in hew Jersey 
.which belonged to t.e Chapel and in shied hlliott ... . so interested? . hare 
v/us this camp and just hat . or hlliott* s responsibilities in connection '..its 


Very sincerely your;;. 



(Dictated February IS) 

Professor Herbert Brown, 
Bowdoin Collage, 
Brunswick, Maine 

My dear Professor Brown: 

I aa very nueh obliged for your- lovely trihate to 
illicit in your letter of the 17th and aa incorporating it in the account 
of £lliott , a life and work at Lafayette* 

liliott was a great coafort and delight to us and hi a 
going has siaply changed the whole of life for all of us. He left a 
wire ana three little girls for who* all of life has to be re-planned, 
ana his death came as an issaeuar&bLe loss to the Borthfiel, Schools of 
wy - 1Cii hc wa ® mainspring, God mst have had some more important 
worn for fain, however, and we are sure that he is there sow in some 
high estate busy with eternal things. 

Kith wars regard, 

¥ery cordially yours. 


V^/ a<*J*~~ ^ y ■ J /. ■, 

/Jo-'C-'C— W £-"*— ^ 

-M^y ^ ** 

U/ 4-*^ ^ ^ 

cj *■ «*y /-y 


[Aju^ry JcrS $™ Jh 




February 4, 1935 
(Diet* Fob* 2) 

Mr* George Creelman, 

Hotchkiss School, 

Lakeville, Connecticut* 

My dear Mr* Creelmani 

I as going over all of Elliott* s papers and 
letters, and I as writing out a very full memorial of his for his 
children and intimate friends. I don* t know how much of it 
it say be wise to make available in a general biography, but I 
as making it as complete as possible. I wonder if you would be 
willing some time to write do mi any resin! seences that you may 
have of Elliott* s times at Timagaai and also your own judgment with 
regard to his character and personality* I should like veiy much 
to have such a letter from you, as full as you are willing to make 
it, with which to dose the chapter on Ms summers at Gasp Diamond 
and in Canada. 

With kind regard to Mrs* Creelman and yourself — 
Very cordially yours. 


January 1*3, 


The Easton Express 
Easton, Perrna 

Dear Sir: 

In going over the papers of my son Elliott Speer, -sho died 
last September ana *lo «as from 1912 to 1924 Chaplain of Lafayette College, 
I finu the rough draft of a. letter addressed, to you vdth reference to an 

editorial entitled H Program of I ighteousaess" 
Express , Saturday, December IS, 1924. 

ippsaring in toe Easton 

Coul... you .vi trout undue trouble let ate caor. whether ay son 
over sent y m this letter and if so whether it ; : as printed in The Express? 
If It Vf&s I Shoulx be grateful if you caul:.. send me a copy of the letter, 
or Lave one made for me, at my expense. 

vary truly yours, 

fr . Thomas J. Foster, 
ZOQ Prospect Street 
Ridgewood, Sew Jersey 

% dear Mr* Fosters 

I asi very grateful for your letter with t e enclosures, all 
of which will be of very great help in the preparation of th- fuller memorial 
It is too soon to make any arrangements with regard to the publication of 
such a memorial* I am doing the work now Just with bis children in mind 
leaving it to be deb rained later whether a ay use should b. made of it in a 
more public way. 

3r6$ Speer will be gUd to read your letter and the accompany¬ 
ing papers* Wo both knov how much you meant to ILt „i. h- j, Q o"tj Ci .. -•» bow deep and true 
was his affection for you. 

He and Larry we any be sure are working together no;* in 
fullness and Joy in some great enterprise of Christ* 

£:ith warn regard, 

Very cordially yours, 

January 21, 19." 5 
(Diet?! ted Faraiahy 17) 

CL* Thomas J. Foster, 
30-02 Review Avenue, 
Long Island City, L.I. 

ly dear Mr. Foster? 

I tii working on & memorial of Elliott woicl'. I have proaised 
to prepare .Cor his children and for his inaedie.’^e friends, and I am vondering 
whether you v. ould not have some recollection of him in the . ay of incident or 
anecdote that I eoul use?Even though they may e&m oi trivial consequence 
they -.dll be helpful. If there was anything of Elliott*s loving relations 

; vlti Larry wide]: lias not been published, I should be very grateful^ lor it, 
an. for anything else that you and Mrs* Foster may be aolo to recall. 

The gap wide}. Elliott* s going has Isit in our lives is something 
appaling, but you tenor it well from, your own experience. fee re is nothing 
for us to do 'but to go steadfastly on our way ratting the meeting time odcr 
will coma near or far. 

With kind regard, 

Very cordially yours. 


Mates. John U, Glsrm, 

1 Lexington Avenue, 

Hew '/ork City. 

!Iy dear Mrs. Glenn, 


I aiu 'preparing a little memori al of our son alliott for 
tiie sa_:e of his little girls and more inti late friends, and have 
very full material on every peraou of mis all too brief life except 
the two years then he as marking in Greenwich Village Lih tne 
Bethlehem Chapel of the First Presbyterian Church. X knoa that you 
and :ir. Glenn kneu him then and that he vkis a, member of your Committee 
on the church. I ax wondering if you have any recollections of 
him, specially of incidents illustrating his spirit and character, 
which voola be of help in picutring iiis life and work, during those 
two years, 192B-1324? 

We had a lovely letter of sympathy from Mr. Glenn at the 
tine of miott 1 & deafh and appreciate dddply all your r lend snip for tne 
various members of our little family circle. 




tfiih Kina r guru. 

Very coruially , ours. 






February 2, 1955 
(Diet, Jin* 50) 

Professor William 3. Hall, 

Lafayette College, 

Easton, Founts-/ Ivania. 

My dear Professor Hall: 

X am getting together all the material that I can find with 
regard to my son Elliott %>eer in preparation of a memorial of his life and 
character for his children ana his immediate friends, and I am writing to ask 
whether you can help sdth any recollections which you may have of Elliott’s 
connection with L fayette and his work as Chaplain of the College* I should 
be very grateful for any incidents or anecdotes or for the fullest expression 
that you may be willing to give of your am judgment of Elliott and of his life 
and work* 

Very sincerely yours. 


ffattib IB. iSutrljinann, 0. 0. 
98 SffHntt Anrtuif 
(Eliftnn. N. 3. 




frlA _ 

<^> ' ^ ^ ^ 
O ^ -/ 



77 ^- 

January 17, 19:5 
■ / 

Rev, David W. Hutchins on, D.D. 

99 Dehitt Avenue 
Clifton, H; Jersey 

:4y a ear Dr* Hutchinson: 

I am preparing a little memorial o f m son Elliott Speer. who was 
killed at lount Hermon, last September by some unknown person. I have just 
come to the time of his licensure and ordination by the Jersey City Presbytery, 
and I am writing to ask if you could give me any information or illustrative 
material with reycra to ids exssdn: tion by the Presbytery an:, his acce ptance 
by it, and then his ordination in the Church in uiglcwocG. Can you give 
me also the ate o his examination and the rate of the ordination, and the 
names of those who took part in it* 


If there ore any recollections of Elliott that come back to y 

I should be very grateful for them. 


With kind regard. 

Very cordially yours. 


January id, 19J5 

President Ralph C. Hutchison, 
Was ington & Jo erson College, Pa. 

3/ rear Dj. Hutchison; 

I sju preparing a little biography o h Elliott for the sate 
of his children and have just been working on the chapter'd! his Lafayette 
chaplaincy* Aiaong the letters referring to Ms work then is a lovely 
letter from Judge Hutchison in Topeka in MiM he speaks of his graticule 
o: what Elliott was in his relationships to you ana your brother. 

Have you any recollections o: Elliott yourself j ,u could 

dictate that I could inclu e in tlds ca ptor - my anecdotes 01 any 
p ©ssion of your judgment as to his chart.-. ter air spirit. 


Vi-.-ry corcially yours. 


February 4, 1955 

D r. Walter F. Kimball, 

118 North 7th Street, 

St. Joseph, Missouri. 

Dear Dr. Kimballs 

I b& very much obliged for your kind letter of January 29 
» r©g&i d to Elliott and his work at Mount Henson and the little booklet 
in his memory. I have been going over all his papers and letters and 
am preparing a fuller Memorial of him for the sake of his children. I am 
just completing now the account of his two years* service as Headmaster, 
hit. the memories of his life are very fragrant and beautiful to us, and >»e 
are grateful that we have haa such a son and that he has been able tc crowd 
into nis brief life so full and rich a service. 

?ery sincerely yours. 


January 1?, 

Rev C. R, Kuebler, D.D, 
£50 P r'-c Street 
Hackensack, New Jersey 

e r Dr; Koehler; 

I as sending you herewith a. copy of the report of z,.e 
service in memory of Clliott held at fount Demon last November. I am 
aapli >*ing the address at ‘the deoorial Service so as to have as full a 
biography of lliott as possible for his tnree little children an-., for ,ds 
DLrnodlate tVienisT I remember the ?-rirm~herriec. letter or sympathy hich 
came from you and I think you must have been present at the meeting of the 
Pres vytery when Elliott was examined for licensure* Gould you tell me 
anything about that meeting and of his examination, an have you any ot er 
recollections about him wide,- you couli write down for us? 

til.:,. Icin' > 

Very cordially yours. 


hr. Beverly W. Kunkel, 
La f aye tte College, 

E ston, Pena. 

;iy ear Mr. Kunkels 

I have asked t..e School office at Morthfield to send you 
a copy of the report of the service in memory of Elliott held in the douat 
Her .ton School Chapel last November. 

2! am or king now on a fuller memorial for bis little coaler on 
ana immediate friends ana am wondering pother you^coulm sena ae W 
in ■‘■he av of reminiscence or anecdotes with reg&ra to dlxo.t s li^-e ^ 
tork at ^fa^ I shoul be very grateful for anything that you can 

supply even though it may seem to be only trivial. 

An can you give me the names of any men now at Lafayette, or 
,;i.o ere there during duotfe stay in 19£a-84,^ 

further material, either in the .ay of recollections oi ihliou. or o- *.nei. 
estimate of his life and character and influence* 

Could you give me the address of i'illiaa G. Simpson, or ao 
you cno who could supply it* 

Very cordially yours, 


January £5, 1956 

Rev. A. Meredits dacColl, 
Dobbs Ferry, Sea York 

My ear Meredith: 

If I •emeaber right you and my son Elliott were ordained at 
the same meeting of the Presbytery of Jersey City. If this is correct 
could you tell me the late of that meeting and anything about Elliott*3 
examination? I tea preparing a little .memorial of ia .for his children 
ana should be grateful to you dor any recollections you may have of him 
or any impression as to his character and spirit. 

?ery cordially yours. 


January 1G, 


!-■ Joim I . :,!acCracken, 
9 East 83rd Street 
Hew York City 

My .ear Dr* MacCracken: 

- iictvr ® been using xhat spare time x coul.. .fine :? • the evenings at 
. one in p, sparing a memorial o f Elliott for las cldl ren an-., more intimate 
friends. I have just got now to the chapter on his Lafayette days an ao 

noo find among his letters or papers anything bearing on your call to him or 
tiie thoughts thfit ~mre i his rrdna in leaving the work of the Bethlehem Chapel 
ana going to Lafayette. Could you let me knar hoe you came to kao of Mm 
aij. : r;h&u It '.-,ss that led you to invite him to Easton and anything about the 
movement ox Ms thought and purpose in accepting your call. 

5 Tin- estimate wi'ic;. you wrote of Ins work at Lafayette was one 

oi tae most beautiful expressions that we have had in regard to Ida. I shall 
quo te^it m full in tins memorial, as I quoted very largely from it in the 
memorial aaaross at :-=Iount Herman last Ho .-ember, a copy of which will reach 
you shortly. 

could you suggest the names of faculty members or students in 
19&2—24 to wnom I could write asking for their recollections of Elliott? 

With kind regard. 

Very cordially yours. 


J anu ry 


Professor Donald. B. Prentice, 

Rose Polytechnic Institute, 

Terre Haute, Indiana* 

My dear Professor Prentices 

I .am preparing a memorial of my son Elliott for his children and his 
immediate friends and am venturing to write to ask for any help that you can give in 
the way of your personal recollections of Elliott and your Judgment of his work at 
Lafayette end of his personality and character. I think that you rill have heard of 
his tragic death at Mount Herman at the hands of an assassin who is still unknown and 
who shot Elliott through the window of his library as he was at work on some of the 
Bible courses for the School. 

We have had most wonderful letters about Elliott from all over the world 
from those who knew iiim and have had & very remarkable summary of his work at 
Lafayette from Dr. MacCracken. I am anxious, however, for any additional material, 
especially in the way of reminiscence or anecdote as -fell as in the ™ay of personal 
judgment. I trust that I am not asking too much in venturing to request any help 
that you can give. 

Very cordially yours. 


J . nu ry 19, 1995 

Tits Rev Charles 9. it*Ten, L.D., 
Canon, Liverpool Cathedral, 
Liverpool, ingland. 

iiy dear Canon Raven: 

I have been going over the papers oi ay son Llliott Speer 
who «ms killed at the Jount Hermon School oi' -which he was Hencunasier, last 
September 14th, anu I find among the > the evidence of your greet kindness to 
bin in connection oith hi a visit to :: . oglish schools in the spring o' 1£5£. 

I a:a sending you under se via. be cover a copy of tun report 
of the Jeaiorial Service held at the School and aa writing no»« to >isk . 71:1 ether 
you have any recollections of iia or any impressions 0 hi.-, p reouailty anu 

character mich you would be willing to let me have for a larger ..i ana.- 1 
vmich I promised to prepare for his throe little children and his imaeoiate 
friends. He had such a ,?arn regard for you that I e.a hoping that you 
may have some remembrance of him and soou judgment of if. . that ' >ui and 
to the record of what he was ana did. 

■J S\ 





V: ! itn happy aemorie. - oour assoc lotion in ■< dm aiary 

Council in Jerusalem and fit great gratitucu or all i Ip d I . . rt 
got from you and from your books, I an, 

V ery a 1 oh fully y oua, 


Janu: ry ; 5, 19.. 6 

Alfred J* & dler, •«£* 

Th- FI: St- frashy - rie.ii U urc ... 
Thirty Emory Street 
J-.-rac. City, A «#ert:ey 

% . 0 . x D:. „ Sc <ileart 

f Xaur n 

to f: -fc 

r note of January &$rd addressee! to she General Council 
v-’iti- referenda to the Shepard bequest h. ? -s been roferrea to »©* 

A.- wu fen see thc-tf-e : ..x,--,.i: Jtx *d 1.1 &s- .un.. -o ..aly 

h. fraction rf what ho Boards have si ready h 0 to Pit off of ihoto proprii-tio® 

hr -3© beqaestfe to hie two Bos-iv.3 of *V t'.onal ana Foreign 
hi. istons, th; forme r receiving uro~r,hird3 an.... the letter one-third of* th * 

• Shepard* a residuary ©si? te. In order th t the Church .light clearly un er- 
atanh i. -o who!-- «i ti-ter ih * Grahsoi filao-a &nc, 1 aent some weeks ago & letter to 
fit; sisal star of car Church, cob aining full eaj&a^tio©* 1 . 3 sorry 
this letter felled to reach you* It set forth very clearly the fact th- t 
ir* Shepard*o Will ra aireo : ±; t the3© legacies aha 11 be act up as a permanent 
emomtmt Ainc end that only the interest can be need for the general purposes 
of Boards* It rill,l be so&e little time else before L-tee legacies e/e ©»- 
ii yly paid eiw th-' Boards are enjoying the income* We are Loping Chat the 
incoae to .oar Board will not. be lean than $100,000 art: V <. home Bear'd vlli 
have double this amount* 

tJW/i 1*0 iXl -M 3 «IA l W'*V^f 

lit recent yea*"® bec-««*sed of reduced e021 tribeiions frod the Churches* In our 
case t o incjssu'5 "m thin fund .,111. net office to restore even one-half of 
t; e reductlonsof the --iaiionories salaries alone, which have h&d to be .ywee, sud 
our Board, vistd-s to >■■■:,store at tlx i’irat oapu. duality* 

1 a -a not sure that say copies re left of the letters which fr« 
lilsoa sn-i I sent throughout the Church bat I ea ashing hia to dear you copies 
if be cau do so*^ 

I am preparing a little 'bi ograp hy of son E llio tt nrofeex for 
bis cMldren an; I ;oa «r whether you h ve‘any"7* colletBn"of Elliott’s 
a:?;:- 1-v t:lon and ordination by tiie Jersey City Presbytery which you could write 
out for me* 

With kind .regard. 

Vary cordially you: • s, 

If jB 

January 30,1955 

Rev- S. I. Shoemaker, 
61 Orar-wrcy Pork, Mo., 
hew York City, 

fy dear Sam, 

its quotations 

I am very much obliged indeed for your lett r with 
-iroi your dfcfeiy which will be very helpful in checking over lliott* s 
account of his war work with the X.M.C.a- in the Canterbury District.« Speer and i appreciate very much your invitation to Conner 
on the evening of Wednesday, fared 13th. Would it r.e possible for us 
to leave the mtt ! r open for a week yet? be have our little lour* year old 
granddaughter with us, and dr . Spear ana X do not like both to ->e 
away at too same time. '"e >w-u;d. very ouch enjoy coning,however, 
if we can arrange for sons one to : © ith Marg& for the even lug unci I 
shall De glad to let you kno a wook in i a vanes'''of the loth if that will 
not bo too late, 


Very cordially ; our.;, 

J' UU ry 7, 

19, 5 

ev, S. . 1 . Shoeaa&er, :.,D. 
Cl Granerc^ ?ark, 

Ne . lord City 

.a/ e r o;_uit 

I p~a vorking on aetaor ial of Elliott ‘or id. t:;iil- :.en un 
j * -dng over the dial^ of hi 

tlie British Army I.i.C.A. There re ire ;uen. references to you. 

I ; \ .on sring heti.or. H /ou ould feol free end coul_ get tht 
tine some lay to jot .o. n your remembrance o Lllio l-t nr* .* your t shi.r .o oi hi . 
character ana spirit ana ;ork an... influence. 

Vith .v&rai regard, 

lour sincere frienu, 



FEB 0 1935 


February 7,1955 

Mr* William G* Simpson, 

c/o Ar. Maxwell G. Slapson, 
431 Madison Avenue, 

. ! v - dear fir* Simpson, 

You -m nave heard of th© death of ay son -lliott 
at Mount Harmon at the hands of an unknown assassin last September. 

I am preparing a little roluae about him for his three little 
children ana his i/maediate friends and 1 .raxing to ask. 'whether you 
do not have some memories of hia that you would oe billing to write 
out for rae? I should be grateful for any incidents or anecdotes 
that you can recall,and for as ull expression o. . uur opinion, 
that you would bo willing to -write, with regard to Filiott and his 
character and work and spirit. 

Vary sincerely yours, 


feb # 

David B. S killman 
Attorney at Law 
301-2 Easton Trust Building 
Easton, Pa. 

February 5, 1935 

Dr. Robert E. Speer 
Board of Foreign Missions 
156 Fifth Avenue 
New York, New York 

My dear Dr. Speer: 

The latest address that I have for William G. Simnson is 
Prattsville, New York, however, the date of that address is 1932, 
therefore, I believe, the safest would be,care of his father, Dr. 
Maxwell G. Simpson, 431 Madison Avenue, Elizabeth, New Jersey. 

I take this opportunity of conveying to you the very deep 
sympathy which T feel for you and the world in the loss of Elliott 



, MS 

SECT, ~ 

February 2, 1935 
Diet. Jan. 30) 

Mr. David E. Skillman, 



Dear Mr. Skillman: 

I aja preparing a little memorial of my son Elliott Speer for 
his children and his immediate friends and am wondering if you c m give me the 
address of William G. Simpson who knes Elliott well and vjho might have some 
recollections of his associations rith Elliott that would be helpful. Can you 
do this? 

Very sincerely yours. 


Rev* T. Guthrie Speers, 

1516 Pari Avenue 
Baltimore, lid* 

My ear Guthrie: 

I m very grateful to you for your fine letter o ' 
January :2ad «&tn its recollections of Elliott* I au having acny hours 
of singled sorrow and joy in going over his letter ..f papers an:, in 
preparing a little memorial for his ciiil. ea* 

Ever affection, teiy you *3. 

Fobriu ry 18, 

Re ,* Georg© R» Talbott, u.D* 
15 Grove Street 
Passaic, Hew Jersey 

Liy a ear Dr* Talbott? 

X very grateful to you for the good letter^ which you 
wrote in reply to ay request for information regarding the meeting of the 
Jersey City"Presbytery in which Elliott was licensed. In tart letter you 
exarossed your desire to have a copy of the statement which Elliott reao. at 
that time, of his Christian belief. I found this statement among ids 
papers and X an very glad to enclose a copy of it herewith. 

Very cordlallynyoars. 


Miss Clara. 'I. Tousley, 

105 E. 22nd Street, 

Hew York City. 

iy dear Miss Tousley, 

^ -*• Uij ■■ ■- h^en goiiijs over trie letters and papers of ay son 

Elliott Speer with a view to preparing a little me aori; 1 of lies life for 
idii «iii e-e lit He Cuexdr-en. X save vex’y lull material .'or every period, 
crxc-apt tee W(G ox o ork in Green./ie... Village in eo a; etioxi , ith 

jbathlehea Ciapel of the First Presbyterian Church I kno that you knee 
id.! .•.ion and am ■■ ; ordering another you rr/a any recollections of contacts noja or any impressions of his character and spirit which vou could 
let me have. 

. 1 iina fu ‘ aor d iis 1 tiers /our not© of 0stlber 3,1924, addressed 

al:a at layette College, here ho v:as teen chaplain, in which you say 
uicra are a lot of people around Srv fork who miss you, includin Miss 
iiuonut, our District Secretary in Oroeniish and it is also at the request of 
:4VSm ularm U3ut 1 u - a writing you, T is -/-as in reference to the ork of the 
committee on the church o. hich , think Mrs. Glenn was Chairman. I am 
wiucang to ire. Glenn and a.a vo.atwring if Miss Hudnut is still living,and am 

wondering ii as© 

sosia imve any recollections o. Elliott? 

,... ■ itu sincere appreciation of your extraordinary .ork vith th 

uhanty organisation Society, I am. 


vlr. sincerely yours. 

;. :.;SsC. 


] \ 

J anuaiy 21, 1955 

Professor James H. Tapper, 

L-fayette College, 

E ston, Pennsylvan!a* 

m dear Professor Tappers 

I am preparing a memorial of my son Elliott for his children 
and his immediate friends and am venturing to write to ask for any help 
that you can give in the way of your personal recollections of Elliott 
and your judgment of his work at Lafayette and of his personality and 
character* I think that you will have heard of his tragic death at 
Mount Sermon at the hands of an assassin who is still unknown and who shot 
Elliott through the window of his library as he was at work on some of the 
Bible courses for the School, 

We have had most wonderful letters about Elliott from all over 
the world from those who knew him and have had a very remarkable summary of 
his work at Lafayette from Dr* MacCrackea* I am anxious, however, for any 
additional material, especially in the way of reminiscence or anecdote s 
well as in the way of personal judgment* I trust th it I -am not asking too 
much in venturing to request any help that you can give. 

Veiy cordially yours. 


February 13, 1935 
(Diet* Feb* 14) 

Professor Henry P. Van Dusen, 

Onion Theological Seminary, 

Broadway at 120th Street, 

Her lork City* 

S[y dear Pit: 

I have written to the Registrar at Columbia University 
to find out what courses Elliott took at Columbia in 1924 and 1325 
in the Department of Philosophy and at Teachers College* Have 
you any recollection as to what ?ork he did at Columbia in these 

With kind regard - 

V©ry cordially yours. 



*-£FT No 



^rtK, l^iV YflftK 

Mr. Grant van Saurr 
61 Carmine Street 
New York City 




The Board of Foreign Missions 





January 22, 1955 
(Diet. Jan. 21) 

Mr. Grant van Saurr, 
61 Carmine Street, 

New York City. 

My dear Mr. van Saurr: 

I am preparing a memorial of my son Elliott for his children and his 

immediate friends and am venturing to write to ask for any help that you can give 
in the way of your personal recollections of Elliott and your judgment of his work 
at Lafayette and of his personality and character. I think that you will have 

heard of his tragic death at Mount Hermon at the hands of an assassin who is still 

unknown and who shot Elliott through the window of his library as he was at work on 
some of the Bible courses for the school. 

We have had most wonderful letters about Elliott from all over the world 

from those who knew him and have had a very remarkable summary of his work at 
Lafayette from D r . MacCracken. I am anxious, however, for any additional material, 
especially in the way of reminiscence or anecdote as well as in the way of personal 
judgment. I trust that I am not asking too much in venturing to request any help 
that you can give. 

Very cordially yours. 


:j<v 16, 


MAY 21 i935 


ir* Dale Darren, 

Houghton iirflia Cupany 

H Park Street 


% dear Dale: 

I a i very auoh obliged .indeed 
copy of your good let Ur .ut Elliott, 

you about it. 

for your -dndness in sending oe * 
I a.i sorry that I had to trouble 

I have no idea as to vuen It 'll be possible to prepare the book 
for publication. What X have tried to do thus far is to gather everything 
possible together ana put il in typcuri :.ten consecuti v fort for lilo t r ■ 
r/ife ana three children. Auer Du i - done sc can :-eteraine -vhether to 
publish any part of it and. if so how .ouch. 

Very cordially yours. 


$ <xh k 

Jl yk 






m : % ; ' h 

May 14, 1935 

Dear Dr. Speer: 

I kept a pencil copy of the letter 
I wrote you about Elliott, and am en¬ 
closing another copy. I shall greatly 
look forward to seeing the book. 


i)ale Warren 

Dr. Robert E. Speer 
The Board of Foreign Missions 
of the Presbyterian Church 
156 Fifth Avenue 
Dew York City 


filing dept. 

May 9, 1955 

Mr. Dale Warrens 
Houghton Mifflin & Co«, 

Boston, Mass, 

My rear Dales 

I =«as working last evening on the memorial of Elliott and came to 
the place where I wanted to use the beautiful letter which you srote us regard¬ 
ing him and although I thought I had filed it- in the proper place I could 
find it nowhere. Have you by any chance a copy of the letter which you 
could send me? If not, I shall make a search through all the great Sody 
of material that we have about Elliott, feeling sure that your letter is 
there somewhere. Please do not gc to any trouble in the matter if you 
cannot at once put your hand on the copy. 

With kirn regard, 

fery sincerely yours. 

RES: 8 

Dictated by Dr* Speer 
Signed in his absence 

March 4, 1955 
(Diet, ted Jar til 1,) 

F. Dale Warren, 

Care of i.vrughton, Miflin & Co., 
Boston, *esa m 

My user Dale? 

1 ** •■ending you separate cover a copy of the report of 
service in mmory of Elliott held at Mount heraum last Hoveabi r. 

- T 1 f.proparlng a fuller aenorlal for Ms cMldrsn end iaaedlate 

, cao ‘ ?*'7 1 to esk unether /ou coula let ae hi ve sou H-tie account 

f ; frie ft hi f *■*: °r Uott » “** *m*»**U? m account of the diking trijT 
«s.i_cL ou he ^-ok in Canada, sene yo&vs ago. 

Very cordially yours. 

; ESsB 

February 18, 1955 

(Diet, Feb. 14) 

Biss Florence W* Weiss, 

12 W-st 12th Street, 

Mot York City. 

*y dear Miss Weiss: 

I m very such obliged for your promised hell, p 
in securing informatics regarding Elliott* s work at Bethlehem 
Chapel* Mr* John Wylie has been most kind in the matter and 
has sent me statements from Miss Mary Rosselli, Miss Jane Ahl 
and Miss &. H. M. Sylvester and has nrrittm out a most helpful 
statement of his own. these, with what you are getting, will 
give a splendid account of Elliott* s connection rith Bethlehem. 
I should like, however, a short statement of the history of 
Bethlehem Chapel, how it came to be established and what its 
connection to First Church was and what has become of it since 
Elliott was there* lb you have this at hand or would it be 
better for me to write to Mr. Wylie for it2 

Very cordially yours. 


February 8 , 1935 
(Dictated February 4) 

Rev* Da 3 ter White, 
Mount Reman, Muss . 

My deer Mr* Whites 

I am having mingled sorrow m:. joy these days in emend¬ 
ing what spare hours I can Tina in preparing a very full memo rial of 
Elliott especially for Holly ana the three little girls, end"for'‘his 
more intimate friends, 

I wonder if you would be willing some time to writ© 
out a statement of your estimate of Elliott’s work during the two years 
of his Headaastersiiip, together with any incidents or anecdotes that 
you can recall* I should like very much to have a ju. t a praisal of 
ids educational contribution ana of his administrative work in the 
School, and of his Christian influence and his plans and ld*a$s with 
regard to the teaching of the Bible and the religions life of the 

Is there any one else whoa you would suggest to whom. 

I could write for help in the matter? Would Mr* Jackson be able ana 

willing to do the same thing t ha t I have asked of you? An a could 
you tell a© whether there was airy report of the installation service 
os October SO, 1932 in The Reraoniie or the Mount Herman Alumni magazine? 
I waul, like specially to have any report, if there was one, of that 
Elliott said at that service* 

With kina regard, 

fery cordially yours. 


February 18, 1935 
(Diet* F©b. 14) 

Hr* John Wylie, 

292 test 4th Street, 

Hew York City* 

My dear M r . Wylie; 

I cannot thank you adequately for your letter of 
February 13 with the enclosed statement of your own about Elliott’s 
sork at Bethlehem and the notes from Miss Rosselii, Miss Ahl and 
Miss Sylvester. I think that all I need now is just a simple 
statement with regard to the Bethlehem Cahpsl itself - how it 
originated. That its connection with the First Church was and what 
has become of it since Elliott’s time. I was writing to SSiS 3 
Weiss today and asked whether she had this information at hand in 
brief for®, or whether it would be better for me to ask you for it* 

Very cordially yours. 

Rah; ialak 


Mr _ John Wylie 
E9». West 4th Street 
w York City 

My ..ear fir. Wylie* 

... 1 a '" pre P arin S a memorial of my son Elliott for --i- ci n—®r 

----- to 

;? ca -f’ w anecdotes tlsrt woul. be of help and also whether°-ou c-hf Vtl 
tb-ose ? ra T yo,^? m yOU1 ' e3tiBet# 0f Emott ^ W* a'orjc and* ciiaracter^during 

With warm regard. 

Very cordially yours.